I’m very happy to announce the launch of my new website – This is your Story !  

I have been making movies for over 10 years because I am passionate about preserving memories about my family, friends and personal life.  In the past, before iPhones and laptops, preserving photos was so much easier as we took our film reel to the developer and excitedly waited a week or so to see our precious photos and memories developed.  They were printed on glossy or matte photo paper and if we were organised enough we might have put them into a Leatherbound Photo Album.  These days we take so many photos on our iPhones we are overwhelmed with our own footage.  Our photos & videos are now lost on your hard drive somewhere, no longer bound in leather and left to gather dust on a Cloud. 

I am here to take the stress out of all of that and help you not only manage your memories but turn them into precious movies that you can share and cherish for years to come with your children and grandchildren.  Please take a look at the FREE Guides on my ‘Home Page’ and ‘Work with Me’.  If you haven’t started the process of managing and preserving your own memories yet take a look at these.  I hope they will inspire you to get started on making your own Life Stories.  

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Best Wishes

Kim Maxwell

Founder & Creative Director, THIS IS YOUR STORY