A life worth living. Stories worth telling.

I believe when we look back on our life it’s our stories that matter the most.

The story of how our grandparents met, the first time we ever skydived, that time our brother set fire to our favourite stuffed toy after we dared him to become a fireman, and the time we won the championship game after months of practice with our best friends (and Katy has some really funny stories about those days!)

I also believe if we don’t take the time to create and preserve our stories, they will disappear overtime.

As a passionate liver-of-life, I love to help people create memories they’ll treasure forever and to preserve the ones they’ve had.

Let’s create + preserve your stories

I do that in two ways:

By helping you to turn your old footage, photos and stories into your very own movie that you’ll want to watch over and over again.

And also by helping fun-loving people create dedication “songs” or should I say musicals. And videos that are hilarious to create. It will be something you’ll never forget.

Whether you have a special occasion coming up and you want to give a personalised gift that shows how much you care and how much they matter – or you just want to put your life and family story in one seamless documentary (think family legacy), I can help.

Make ‘Em Laugh: Your music video

If you’re the fun-loving type, you’ll LOVE this. Guaranteed to be one of the most memorable moments of your life. Get your best friends together, and try one of these videos.

Make ‘Em Cry: Your life story on film

Show a loved one the story of their life. Think of this as a legacy video – a biography and life story that traces the best moments of your family history. Warning! This will get the water-works going.

More about me + my personal story

I grew up as an only child in London and remember looking at Mum’s old black & white photos, slide reels and cinemfilms of her large family in British Guyana, South America.

They were of Chinese ethnicity who migrated there in the 1850s initially to replace the emancipated slaves on the sugar plantations (known as the Cane Reapers). They subsequently owned rice estates & became well-educated professionals, such as lawyers and doctors.

I ached to know more – where was Mum from? What was it like to have a big family? Who were all these unfamiliar faces?

I treasured those photos and home movies. It was my way of understanding where I came from. And a way to feel less lonely.

Sadly, so many stories of my heritage and family are lost. There’s no way to get them back.

Watching the film reels, I found myself mesmerised with Mum’s life before I was born. To see my mother as a young, vibrant woman was a Wow! moment for me. Something clicked; I visualised this whole life she had before I existed!

Family in Guyana

All I can say is that life passes by way too quickly.

Today, as well as helping people preserve their stories through film, I love to document my children’s lives.

It feels like one minute you’re giving birth and a first-time mother, and the next you have three children and are waving goodbye as your eldest leaves home to start University – something I’ve had to heartbreakingly face this year.

I’m so glad I captured all of their best moments – on their wedding day I can embarrass them with a good ol’ tearjerker film of their life! But more than that, they’ll be able to share their life with their children and their children’s children.

Creating fun memories

Approaching my 40th birthday, I sat with some of my best friends brainstorming what to do to celebrate. I didn’t want my party to be the typical eat-get merry-dance-go home type of evening. I love acting and thought ‘wouldn’t it be great to act out a musical scene and cast friends to play different roles‘. I believe everyone should have their moment to shine and my friends excitedly agreed.

Grease is one of my all-time favourite films so I decided to produce and create my version of “Sandra Dee” – I played ‘Rizzo’ (an all time dream come true !) I used a Professional Film Crew with whom I had worked with on a previous project.

We decided, if it was awful, no one had to see it. But we loved it and as it was such a success I decided to produce “Summer Nights” as well !! This time my husband was John Travolta and I was Olivia Newton-John (another dream come true !). It was so much fun to create and to see the faces of everyone in the room as they watched a movie they also starred in alongside me was one of the happiest moments of my life.

People love to sing together. It really builds a sense of community and this was such an original & memorable thing to do. Looking back on this with my grandchildren will fill me with so much joy.

I’m very proud to help others re-create Movies like this. It is truly rewarding and so much fun. I would love to help you re-create something amazing like Grease. The question is what Movie or Musical can you see yourself performing in ? If it’s a dream of yours I can make it come true! 🙂

Ready to capture your precious memories?