Make ‘Em Cry: Your Life Story

Show a loved one The Story of their Life.

Together we can trace their best moments and turn their stories into a one-of-a-kind movie.

I’m here to make it easy.

After all, you don’t want to the video to be boring or just a collage of photos. No, no, you want it to play like a movie, with all the best “Wow! Where did you find that?” moments, where even closest friends whisper, “I didn’t even know that about you!”.

My goal is to help you tell a story you would never think to tell yourself – and a story that you’ll treasure for years to come.

We’ll go through old photos and footage and even interview old friends, colleagues and family members. Odds are, you have tonnes of home videos and photos scattered around, but they’re sitting on your hard drive or in your loft gathering dust. Maybe you’ve wanted to do something with them for a while, but didn’t know where to start.

I’ll become your professional interviewer, filmmaker and Director, helping to extract your family’s and friends’ best stories – putting them into a film that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Once we’re done you’ll have a 20 minute personalised movie AND 5 minute highlight video for you to share on social media. Of course, if you need a more customised version, we can work on that too!

Here's how it works

Life Interview

We’ll meet and decide what story you’re going to tell. Who is the story about? What are the themes and “life chapters” that will be included? We’ll have an in-depth discussion or “life-interview” about you or your loved one’s personal history, achievements, hobbies, and highlights so we can storyboard the movie!

Footage hunt + coordination

Once we decide on the story and what we’ll include in the video, it’s time to gather all the content, footage and information from all different locations. Sometimes this means dusting off old photo, digitising video tapes and reaching out to friends and family members who will be featured in the movie (don’t worry, I’ll be guiding you on all the actions and who we’ll reach out to). At this point, I’ll also bring in my film crew to conduct interviews and collect everyone’s stories.

Building the story

Now we have all the footage, photos and interviews, we’ll meet again to decide what will make the cut. We’ll have a LOT of content, so it’s a matter of deciding what’s going to enhance the story.

We will also decide whether you want to Narrate the story (or use a professional voice). This can enhance your movie and make it more engaging to your audience.

Story Creation

At this stage you just sit back as I put the movie together.

Review + Air!

The movie is ready for you to review and air!

Your Investment

$2500 for a 20 minute personalised documentary AND 5 minute highlight video

Let’s make Superstars of You or Your Loved ones!