Make ‘Em Laugh: Your Song or Movie

You want to surprise them. Create a night to remember.

Sure, jewellery is lovely and so is a 5-star restaurant – but let’s be honest these things have been done to death ! If you want to do something different that is truly memorable, special and unique thatʼs where I come in (not with the Party Planning), although I do have a FREE Guide on that – see below !

I help you create a Movie fit for the occasion.

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Get your closest friends to join in the fun

Get your closest friends to join in the fun!

Everyone loves an excuse to let their hair down – and nothing brings people together quite like singing and dancing.

And the best part ? You donʼt have to be good! Itʼs about having fun and creating memories that will have you and your friends talking for years to come.

Because here’s what I know.

It’s not every day you create your own production and invite your friends to be part of something that’s unlike anything they’ve ever done before.

How about one of these laugh-out-loud videos?

Choreographed Lip Sync & Dance Tribute

Imagine your closest friends singing you a song and changing the words so it’s about your life. Or conspiring to perform their own dance moves, having you bent over laughing.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how flabbergasted would you feel? It’s easily one of the best gifts you can ever receive.

Ready to create one for that special someone?

I will take the Project Management off your hands so all you have to do is turn up with your best friends or family and let your hair down.

This is Your Story’s 5 Step Process

Here’s how it works:

This Is Your Song Tribute

(Song only)

  1. Choose a song and change the lyrics
  2. Choose your team (decide who is involved)
  3. Create Chapters (decide who sings what)
  4. Start Filming
  5. Produce, Sync & Delight

Starting from S$750

This Is Your Song & Dance Tribute

(Song & Dance)

  1. Choose a song and change the lyrics
  2. Choose your Team & Choreograph a Dance routine together
  3. Rehearse & Source Costumes
  4. Lights, Camera, Action, RECORD
  5. Hit the WOW! Present, Sing, Dance, Laugh & AMAZE!

Starting from S$1200

Create your own Movie or Musical

Have you always wanted to Star in your own Movie ? Do you love to sing and act and believe life’s a musical ? Well now’s your chance to make it happen.

No Acting or Singing experience required as I guide you through my 5 Step Process below.

Pick a song or scene from your favourite movie and get your friends together to film a clip you can watch back at an event or surprise party.

Ready for one of the most memorable times of your life?

This Is Your Story’s 5 Step Process

Here’s how it works:

This Is Your Movie

Star in your own Movie or Musical

  1. Choose your Movie Scene and let us work our magic to help you re-create it
  2. Decide characters, cast your friends and source costumes
  3. Choose a location and set a date for Filming
  4. Lights! Camera! Action! – We will shoot using a professional camera crew and sound equipment over 2 days (Max 4 hrs per day). I will be your Director.
  5. Produce, Present and DELIGHT

Starting from S$6,500